An Old School Graduation Photo Op!

We would like to present the ol’skool yearbook of Critical Mass for all your viewing pleasure ~ honourable mention goes to the fact that these guys were photo booth PROS! Something makes us think this wasn’t their first photo booth encounter…We were so pumped for their “old school yearbook photos” theme party that we ordered a custom backdrop and appropriate props that would make the shot! Just looking at the blue watercolour fabric takes us back to the 90s…ok 80s, maybe even the 70s ~ but who’s counting! As much as we’d like to think of ourselves as the “cool kids” who ruled the school, we’re admittedly total geeks at heart who love even the cheesiest of theme parties so contact us today and let us know how we can customize one of our photo booths to make your next party come to life! In the meantime, may we present some (suspect) students from Critical Mass High!

Shout out to the Commonwealth Bar & Stage for hosting yet another great party!