Deloitte UFE 2013

A HUGE Congrats to the successful Deloitte writers that studied their ASPE off to pass the UFEs.

These accountants were ready to celebrate and the drinks were flowing nice and early!


Although Calgary went through some rough times with the Alberta 2013 flooding, we are so proud of our city and how everyone came together! AND, despite everything, the show must go on, especially the Calgary Stampede! “Come hell or high water”! With one of our custom made backdrops, here is Deloitte partying it up, Cowboy style! And of course we had to dust off the prop we got especially for the Deloitte crew: the trusty calculator! Which was loved…as expected! 🙂 🙂

Now these following guys could have fooled us, real life Cowboys?!

20130712_192220Here are a few more from the festivities, can you spot some of our Stampede themed props?! Look out for Giddy the galloping thoroughbred!

Deloitte’s 2012 UFE Gauntlet

A huge congratulations to all those who survived the exam!!

UFE Passed!

Now it’s time to celebrate!! Don’t forget the trusty calculator…a prop we brought especially for the occasion!

20121130_11471820121130_13264720121130_122718Whether you choose to celebrate solo…

celebrating soloor as a duo…

20121130_121542or trio…

20121130_121021a group…

20121130_124833or a mondo sardine gaggle!

20121130_120020we love it all, as long as you’re having some good ol’ PHOTOBOMB fun!

Thanks for inviting us to your celebration Deloitte!

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