Junior Achievements of Southern Alberta

Congratulations to all the Southern Alberta Junior Achievers! These guys are living proof that the old idiom, “children are our future” is as true as ever! Here’s looking at the CEO’s of tomorrow…


Coke for now, scotch in the future…

140319_181554 140319_183057 140319_183436 140319_183609

Flamingo handling is serious business140319_183946 140319_172356Thanks to the organizers who made this night happen!

Thanks for letting PHOTOBOMB Photography, the premiere photo booth company in Calgary, be a part of such a fantastic and meaningful event!

Adieu to Summer

Cooler weather has just arrived and we’re already missing the warmth of summer festivities like Brendon & Amandeep’s beautiful wedding! Let’s reminisce the best way we know how… photo booth pics of course!

The beautiful bride & the dapper groom!

The beautiful bride & the dapper groom moustache you a question!

Clark Kent slash Superman disguised as Hulk!

Clark Kent slash Superman disguised as Hulk!

"daddy's got big muscles! Or maybe it's my big glasses!"

“daddy’s got big muscles! Or maybe it’s ‘cuz of my big glasses!”

"Aren't we cute?!"

“Aren’t we cute?!”

The flyyyest turban on the block!

The BEEest turban on the block!

The best execution of "say cheese!" Ever.

The best execution of “say cheese!” Ever.


Grade 9 Grad Class of 2013

Congratulations to the grade 9 grads of Calgary French International School! Thanks for including us in such a milestone event! The night couldn’t have been possible without great students, inspiring teachers and proud parents ~ congrats to all!

Actors in the making?!

Actors in the making?!

One of these things is not like the other...the Photobombers!

One of these things is not like the other…the Photobombers!



#friends #hashtags!

#friends #hashtags!

The cutest family...ever!

The cutest family…ever!



Deloitte’s 2012 UFE Gauntlet

A huge congratulations to all those who survived the exam!!

UFE Passed!

Now it’s time to celebrate!! Don’t forget the trusty calculator…a prop we brought especially for the occasion!

20121130_11471820121130_13264720121130_122718Whether you choose to celebrate solo…

celebrating soloor as a duo…

20121130_121542or trio…

20121130_121021a group…

20121130_124833or a mondo sardine gaggle!

20121130_120020we love it all, as long as you’re having some good ol’ PHOTOBOMB fun!

Thanks for inviting us to your celebration Deloitte!


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