The Reveal, Revealed!

If you haven’t heard, there’s a new cool kid in town, and goes by the name of “Calgary Public Library”. That’s right, the library is no longer the stuffy snore you may remember it to be and last night’s event, The Reveal, proved it. 10 points for HIP & SWANKY LIBRARY event! Yep, we just used those three words in the same sentence! For those of you who couldn’t make it out, please enjoy some snapshots from the evening. Also, the big celebrity reveals included:¬†Mayor Nenshi, figure skater and gold medal Olympian Jamie Sale, retired Calgary Flame Craig Conroy, Alberta Ballet’s artistic director Jean Grand-Maitre, Breakfast TV host Jill Belland, award winning chef Michael Noble of Notable!!!


Can you spot our latest prop acquisition?! ¬†Here’s a hint: it’s larger than life!

The flying flamingo

The gorgeous newlyweds, Eva & Stephan, started our July off with a bang! Their fun personalities shone through their friends and family who kept us highly entertained with their creative poses throughout the night! They even managed to give our flamingo wings, can you spot the flying flamingo?!





Deloitte’s 2012 UFE Gauntlet

A huge congratulations to all those who survived the exam!!

UFE Passed!

Now it’s time to celebrate!! Don’t forget the trusty calculator…a prop we brought especially for the occasion!

20121130_11471820121130_13264720121130_122718Whether you choose to celebrate solo…

celebrating soloor as a duo…

20121130_121542or trio…

20121130_121021a group…

20121130_124833or a mondo sardine gaggle!

20121130_120020we love it all, as long as you’re having some good ol’ PHOTOBOMB fun!

Thanks for inviting us to your celebration Deloitte!

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Baby E’s 1 Month Celebration

We had a blast last night at baby E’s 1 month celebration and here are some snapshots from the night! The photo booth was a smashing success and the guests couldn’t get enough ~ and the best part? The kids & grandparents were equally entertained!! Thanks to E’s parents for sharing their special day with us! We hope you love the photos & guestbook! Were you at this event? Check out the client gallery for all pictures from the night (request password from hosts).

Can you spot the unibrow? AWESOME! We love when guests get creative with our props!

Thanks for PHOTOBOMBing with us baby E & friends! Until next time…