Junior Achievements of Southern Alberta

Congratulations to all the Southern Alberta Junior Achievers! These guys are living proof that the old idiom, “children are our future” is as true as ever! Here’s looking at the CEO’s of tomorrow…


Coke for now, scotch in the future…

140319_181554 140319_183057 140319_183436 140319_183609

Flamingo handling is serious business140319_183946 140319_172356Thanks to the organizers who made this night happen!

Thanks for letting PHOTOBOMB Photography, the premiere photo booth company in Calgary, be a part of such a fantastic and meaningful event!

Ringing in the New Year with PHOTOBOMB feat. Hardwell

Now that we are finally out of hibernation mode from the crazy end to 2013, it looks like 2014 will be a doozy as well.

Thanks to our wonderful family of PHOTOBOMBers who kept us fully entertained with their shenanigans in 2013!!!

The year ended with a BANG sharing the countdown with the #1 DJ in the world, Hardwell @ BMO Centre for the NYE Glitter and Gold Event.

Our booth ran not stop from beginning to end so thank you to all those that came by and made our night that much more enjoyable.

Huge shoutout to Union Events  and Ink Promotions for throwing one helluva party!

Without adieu, here are some of the night’s highlights.



Top Photos of 2013

During the holidays, we looked back at the best pics of 2013.



Our current record of 17 PHOTOBOMBers in 1 picture.

Congrats Leina and Hoang!


IMG_0012 (2)

Can flamingos fly? They sure can! (Especially if you “help it” with a hulk fist)

Congrats Stephan and Eva!



Still each other’s sweet hearts after over 40 years

Congrats Western Zagros @ The Glencoe Club



What a jump! Sign this man up for the Olympics!

Congrats to the Bobbys @ The Metropolitan Centre



We know you wanna kill the guys sometimes but then you’d miss them after…

Congrats Deloitte’s Casino Royale @ Glenbow Museum



Arabian Nights- Best Birthday party EVER!

Congrats to Chelsea and Ava!



Friends help each other…drink? (Especially during the Stampede)

Congrats to Deloitte @ Cowboys Dance Hall



Making it Rain!!!

Congrats Carol and Marshall



Who needs props when you have…missing teeth?

Congrats Ashley and Peter

The Top Spot Goes To


The New Year’s Kiss

Congrats NYE Glitter and Gold w/ Hardwell


Honorable Mentions

The Flilipino Remix of Making it Rain


Congrats Rob and Pauline @ The Metropolitan


Congrats Harley and Hazel @ Spruce Meadows


The Elves Love Santa


Santa Loves Jason. (This 3-way love triangle is confusing)

Congrats Scamp Transport @ Sheraton Cavalier


Santa and his beautiful reindeers!

Congrats Cedarglen Homes @ CIBO

Grant Thornton’s Winter Wonderland

When Grant Thornton told us about their Winter Wonderland concept, we knew just the right backdrop to recommend.

Thanks to the wonderful people at Grant Thornton for making the night eventful. We had a great time and here are the pictures.

The team at Grant Thornton decided to go 4 poses on their print. See how it turned out!




Thanks to the wonderful staff at The Glencoe Club

MNP Christmas Classics

We had a back to back night @ The Hyatt Regency Calgary. This time, it was to celebrate MNP’s Christmas Classics themed event.

MNP opted to go with our Christmas themed red velvet backdrop for their event.

Thank you to the PHOTOBOMBers that joined us in our booth.


Check out this cool cocktail ice sculpture!





Happy Holidays from Statoil

Statoil ‘s Holiday party @ The Hyatt Regency was ultra swanky.


We understand that branding is important to your company.

For Statoil, we created a custom one photo print incorporating Statoil’s logo onto the holiday message.

Ask us how we can help improve your company’s presence in the Calgary community!

Deloitte UFE 2013

A HUGE Congrats to the successful Deloitte writers that studied their ASPE off to pass the UFEs.

These accountants were ready to celebrate and the drinks were flowing nice and early!

The Reveal, Revealed!

If you haven’t heard, there’s a new cool kid in town, and goes by the name of “Calgary Public Library”. That’s right, the library is no longer the stuffy snore you may remember it to be and last night’s event, The Reveal, proved it. 10 points for HIP & SWANKY LIBRARY event! Yep, we just used those three words in the same sentence! For those of you who couldn’t make it out, please enjoy some snapshots from the evening. Also, the big celebrity reveals included: Mayor Nenshi, figure skater and gold medal Olympian Jamie Sale, retired Calgary Flame Craig Conroy, Alberta Ballet’s artistic director Jean Grand-Maitre, Breakfast TV host Jill Belland, award winning chef Michael Noble of Notable!!!


Can you spot our latest prop acquisition?!  Here’s a hint: it’s larger than life!


Adieu to Summer

Cooler weather has just arrived and we’re already missing the warmth of summer festivities like Brendon & Amandeep’s beautiful wedding! Let’s reminisce the best way we know how… photo booth pics of course!

The beautiful bride & the dapper groom!

The beautiful bride & the dapper groom moustache you a question!

Clark Kent slash Superman disguised as Hulk!

Clark Kent slash Superman disguised as Hulk!

"daddy's got big muscles! Or maybe it's my big glasses!"

“daddy’s got big muscles! Or maybe it’s ‘cuz of my big glasses!”

"Aren't we cute?!"

“Aren’t we cute?!”

The flyyyest turban on the block!

The BEEest turban on the block!

The best execution of "say cheese!" Ever.

The best execution of “say cheese!” Ever.



We had a blast last night at the LOULOU Magazine “shop ’til you drop” event at Chinook Centre. We were set up at FOREVER 21 which was the most happening place to be with our photo booth, DJ booth, ice cream stand, Lise Watier makeup artist, and of course LOULOU Magazine! Shoppers and staff alike had a great time experiencing the PHOTOBOMB photo booth experience ~ and here’s some pictures to prove it! Thanks to FOREVER XXI for hosting us, it was our pleasure!